Burying Time Capsule

Burying Time Capsule
1859 - 150th Anniversary of Parish - 2009 (photo by Scott & Debbie Travers )

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are you ready?

Today's Gospel Luke 12: 32-40
     Are you ready? Do you believe the statement in verse 32 which says not to be afraid because God wants to give you everything? Do you totally trust God to meet all your needs? How do feel about verse 34 which describes the relationship between your treasure and your heart? What is your treasure? How do you treat your treasure? Verse 35 asks you to be ready for action at all times – ready for doing God’s bidding. Verse 37 says  if you are ready to meet and serve your Lord whenever he comes that you will be blessed.  Verse 40 urges readiness because ...”the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.”  God provides, God’s blesses, God expects his disciples to act wisely and love one another now! 
cf. Parish Bulletin, Aug. 11, 2013

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