Burying Time Capsule

Burying Time Capsule
1859 - 150th Anniversary of Parish - 2009 (photo by Scott & Debbie Travers )

Monday, January 30, 2012

Parish Combined Service & Annual Meeting

St. Luke's O'Leary
     We had a great service yesterday at St. Luke's Church at O'Leary Corner.  The Eucharist service began at 10:30am.  Instead of a sermon this morning we had a slide show presentation created by Christine Batten and Janet Mortimer - we saw ourselves through this past year at services, carrying-out parish work, fundraisers, children in a variety of activities, etc.  Maybe I can figure out how to post such a slide show on this blog.
St. Luke's Hall following renos
     Following the service we had a potluck lunch in the newly renovated Hall - it was great!!  Then the meeting began at 12:30pm with Rev. Andrew Mortimer presiding (sorry for fuzzy photo)
To you our Thanks and Blessings
To all who have worked in and for the church community this past year a thank you for your faithful service in God's name and for His glory! Please know that your efforts are much appreciated by all members of the congregations. To those who are taking on roles this year of 2012 we thank you in advance for your time and thought and care. Know that the congregations will pray for you and bless you as you work on their behalf!  Thanks be to God!
cf. Parish Bulletin
Below: Parishioners getting ready for the annual meeting - note the St. Luke's Hall newly renovated interior.
Below from the Parish Bulletin - Jan. 29th, 2012
A Prayer for our Parish in 2012
     With our trust in you, O Lord, we look forward to the days and weeks and months that lie ahead, knowing that they will never fail to reveal signs of your providence.
     Rejoicing in you, O Lord, we reach out to embrace all the  moments and occasions of the coming year, knowing that they will ever surprise us with opportunities for celebrating your salvation.
     May times of happiness teach us the depths of your love.  May times of adversity teach us the reach of your care.  In all times may we bless you, Father, Son and Spirit, in whom it is our destiny to live, forever and ever.  Amen (cf. Prayer for Parish Groups)

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