Burying Time Capsule

Burying Time Capsule
1859 - 150th Anniversary of Parish - 2009 (photo by Scott & Debbie Travers )

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poem by Jan Cox for Appreciation Day during Lenten Service

St. Peter’s, Alberton - Appreciation day during Lenten Services
by Jan Cox, Lay Reader
St. Peter’s stands at the corner of Church and Main,
I know, I know, it’s just a building, but a beautiful one all the same.
It boasts a history that makes us proud,
Over many years, the praises of Jesus were shouted, right out loud.
When you open the heavy wooden doors and walk inside,
There’s a love, a respect, and a caring, you just can’t hide.
We worship as a church family and work together as one,
In all that we do, we give glory to the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son.
Davey Smith pounds the ivories and leads the choir,
I thank them for their commitment and voices that are superior!
The ladies of the Altar Guild, tend to their weekly duties with devotion,
To stand in the midst of our gleaming altar, evokes a quiet emotion.
Janet Mortimer cleans and straightens up our pews,
There’s never a speck of dust or a piece of grass that sticks to our shoes!
The faithful weekly readers share God’s Word with us,
They never make an excuse, they humbly read without a fuss.
“Prayers of the People” are an important part of every Sunday, if you get my gist,
It’s a hard thing at times, to ask for prayer – but the prayer leaders will quietly put your name on the list.
DeeDee Rayner inspired me to become a Lay Reader,
Thank you DeeDee, my mentor and spiritual leader.
Thank you also to every Lay Reader in our church,
Ready to lead, to pray, to help out and not leave Rev. Andrew in the lurch.
Many members on Council have served us for countless years,
Raigh, Judy, Archie, Verna – if I left someone out, I apologize, but you’re all such dears!
Now Elaine balances our books with articulate skill,
Hounding us for our receipts, never missing a bill.
Smiling greeters each week at the door,
Chat and welcome us, it never seems a chore.
Being good Anglicans, who could forget “the lunch”!
Thank you to all who contribute – lots to drink and delicacies on which to munch!
Thanks to Verna C. we’ve lists to follow so we all know when,
It’s our turn to help out, greet, bring lunch or read again.
Every month our Church Council members gather to talk things through,
We hope and pray we do the best we can for the church and for you.
Now I bet you thought I left someone out - he’s not “last” to say the least,
From the bottom of my heart, a very large thank you to Rev. Andrew, our priest.
Above: Jan, Easter 2011

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